Awesome Gifts

With your own personal doppler, you can do what the OB does in your own home. Listen to the sound of your baby's heartbeats and hiccups anytime you want. The little device allows you to plug in headphones for you to listen with privacy, or to plug into a recorder to save it as a keepsake.

Whether you're planning to have your baby registry at Amazon or not, you can get a box of free baby products, a free parenting e-book and coupons, just by creating one. To get the offers, start by creating a baby registry and adding anything to it — even if it's not baby related.

Darwin! Newton! Einstein! Curie! Four of the most influential scientists that humanity has ever known have been recreated as finger puppets to educate the next generation of STEM majors. Imagine all the crazy scientific shenanigans these four could get themselves into when placed in a finger puppet theatre together. They also double as fridge magnets because, you know, science.

If hugging the toilet is your new morning ritual, then ginger candy is the solution to your morning sickness relief. Ginger is often recommended by OBs for its anti-nausea effects, so having it available in candy form makes it easily accessible whenever and wherever.

Yeah, your kid could be shoving long giraffe legs into their mouth like every other baby, or they could be gnawing on this delicious silicone chicken wing instead. Tough call. Your baby feels like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight.

"Oh, you're expecting, how wonderful? Congratulations! Do you know what you're having?" "No, but we're really hoping it's a dinosaur!" If you've ever wanted your t-shirt to answer the most none-of-your-business questions on your behalf, this t-shirt is it.

Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head and T-Rex and an alien — there's not enough room for them all — hang off this beautiful handmade Toy Story crib mobile. Each time your baby wakes up from their nap, the first thing they'll see are these little buddies smiling down at them.

Going to the restroom with a baby can be daunting at the best of times. This baby hanger hooks on to the top of the stall and securely keeps your baby off the who-knows-what's-on-it floors. When you're all done your business, it also can be used as a baby carrier.

Baby bump growing faster than your clothing can keep up? Wear this band underneath your top layer to easily cover your belly, no matter what you wear. Now you don't have to buy new clothes every time your waist grows an inch. Comes in multiple colors to match all your outfits.

If you have the adorable baby for it, this wig will turn your baby to a living and breathing version of the hottest toys of the 80's — a Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Relive your childhood as an adult, but just make sure you feed and change this one, k?

Awesome Gifts