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The Internet is a big place, with more pregnancy information than you could possibly read before the end of your pregnancy. The constant daily details on your little fetus friend during its 9 month lease agreement with your womb can be excruciatingly boring and ridiculously overwhelming.

Babysizer nozzles the cacophonic firehose of information by providing you with simple information. No condescending preaching; just the straight facts on your baby's size and weight.

Baby must-wants.

Not all baby lists contain diapers, crib bedding and the ever ubiquitous, Sophie the Giraffe. Babysizer scours the Internet for interesting products and curates a list of pregnancy and parenting related products that are best described as, "shut up and take my money".

From the ingenious to crafty, cheeky to geeky, essential to superfluous. If you're stumped for your next gift idea or looking for something for yourself, Babysizer gifts is a good a place as any to start your search.

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