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Compare the size of your baby to things geeks get.

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Geeky, but not like nerd-geeky.

If you're a geek, or your partner is a geek, then chances are, your baby will be a geek. It is known. It is known. Visualize the size of your baby each week of pregnancy by comparing the size of your developing baby to objects only geeks would understand.

Geeky not your style and prefer a pregnancy tracker that is a little more delicious, and that doesn't compare your baby to a fruit or a veggie — try the cravings pregnancy tracker. Something more masculine? There's a tracker for dads too. There's also one for those who just want the facts about their baby.

So, if you're wondering how big your baby is this week after getting a +1 each in STR and HP, it's time you found out.

Baby must-wants.

We love to online shop for baby stuff, and often we've come across products that are so interesting, they have to be shared. So we created a list of baby products. From essential to superfluous, cheeky to geeky, ingenious to hilarious, this list is continuously updated and covers the gamut of awesomeness.

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