Pregnancy? You mean baby gainz.

Compare the size of your baby to stuff men understand.

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Expectant dads, we speak your man‑guage.

The majority of pregnancy resources published are targeted at expectant moms, but expectant dads want to learn about their baby too. That's where Babysizer comes in — it's a baby and pregnancy tracker for men that compares the size of their unborn baby each week to objects they know.

Oh, and the olde tyme fisticuffs gentleman in the photo above? That's Mike "The Ithaca Giant" Conley, aka the man of Overly Manly Man meme fame. A top heavyweight boxer of the late 1800's, 6 ft (1.83 m) Conley had a 26-4-2 record, dealing 22 KOs through 79 rounds in his career. See, you're learning stuff already.

Baby must-wants.

Not all baby lists contain diapers, crib bedding and the ever ubiquitous, Sophie the Giraffe. Babysizer scours the Internet for interesting products and curates a list of pregnancy and parenting related products that are best described as, "shut up and take my money".

From the ingenious to crafty, cheeky to geeky, essential to superfluous. If you're stumped for your next gift idea or looking for something for yourself, Babysizer gifts is a good a place as any to start your search.

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