Awesome Gifts for Tech-gear

With this high tech onesie and attached cute turtle transmitter, you can use your iOS or Android device to monitor your baby's sleep quality, sleeping position, temperature, and awake state. You can set up custom alerts to let you know when things happen.

Does Starfleet Academy have daycare? Set your faces to stunned when you see your Trekkie-in-training in their very own ST: TNG Starfleet uniform. Snap bottom closures make for easy access to your baby's diaper when they decide to inevitably make their very own captain's log.

At about week 20 of pregnancy, your baby's hearing has developed to a point where they can recognize sounds and voices. This little device is designed to adhere to your belly and deliver a safe level of sound to your baby's ears. Play a loved one's voice recording, stream Mozart or even some dubstep.

Awesome Gifts - Tech-gear