Awesome Gifts for Tech-gear

If you've been wrestling your baby or toddler whenever they have a fever, in an attempt to shove a thermometer in their ear, armpit, or if you're super old school, their butt, there's an easier way. Temptraq is a sticker you can stick directly place on your child, and monitor their temperature when they are sick, directly from your smartphone. Get notified instantly when their temperature gets too high without ever needing to disturb your little one.

With your own personal doppler, you can do what the OB does in your own home. Listen to the sound of your baby's heartbeats and hiccups anytime you want. The little device allows you to plug in headphones for you to listen with privacy, or to plug into a recorder to save it as a keepsake.

Going to the restroom with a baby can be daunting at the best of times. This baby hanger hooks on to the top of the stall and securely keeps your baby off the who-knows-what's-on-it floors. When you're all done your business, it also can be used as a baby carrier.

Who needs parents when you can strap a milk feeder to a crib and a night? I mean, a baby is just like a giant hamster, right?  Just kidding, it's just a gift box used to package the real present inside. Haha, gotcha. You should have seen the look on your face.

It's one thing to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth; it's another to be born sucking a diamond pacifier. 250 pave diamonds totalling 3 carats adorn this 18K white gold pacifier. The nipple is silicone so it's actually useable. For $17,000 it better be functional.

Flying with children can be difficult and keeping them comfortable and quiet is priority. This nifty cushion inflates to fit in the area where adult legs go, to make flying economy a business class experience for you child. They can even lie down and sleep comfortably.

Have a pint of ice cream that needs to be kept away from significant others, children in the house or co-workers at the office? Protect what's rightfully yours with a lock on the ice cream so that everyone around you stays honest and alive.

Sure your baby may be a little young to be growing facial hair, but that doesn't mean he (or she) can't be sporting a mustache while pacified. Keep them both stylish and quiet all at the same time with a mustache pacifier that will make even dad (or mom) jealous.

Attack each page with a rainbow barrage of color by keeping all your crayons at the ready. This ammo belt holds and includes 24 Crayola crayons (aka the good stuff) to make sure that your little soldier is ready to color at a moments notice.

Hanging by the pool or lakeside is a great way to beat the heat in the summer, but it can be uncomfortable on your tummy. This inflatable floating mattress changes that by providing a hole for your tummy. Your baby can stay cool while you float belly-down in the water. If lounging in the sun isn't your idea of fine, it works great at home for tummy sleeping too.

Awesome Gifts - Tech-gear