Awesome Gifts for Dads

Going to the restroom with a baby can be daunting at the best of times. This baby hanger hooks on to the top of the stall and securely keeps your baby off the who-knows-what's-on-it floors. When you're all done your business, it also can be used as a baby carrier.

Just because you aren't pregnant doesn't mean you can't sympathize. Be by your partner's side and cover your own belly at the same time with this shirt designed to explain why your waistline is bigger than your partner's yet they are the one that's pregnant.

Target is giving away free baby products and coupons to everyone who creates a baby gift registry online. After you create the registry, just visit Guest Services at your local store to pickup $50 worth of free stuff. You also get 15% off anything left on your registry 2 months before your due date.

Is there someone in your life that you really hate or need to get back? Do they have kids? Well do I have the gift for you. Irritate the parents to no end and arm the kids with their very own recorder, complete with sheet music from Disney's Frozen. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.

Your baby's a lumberjack and that's okay; he sleeps all night and poops all day. Dress up your little man with this crocheted lumberjack hat and beard set. Guaranteed to keep him warm in the winter months. Also comes in adults sizes.

Let's get one thing straight: this is an a children's book for adults. If you did read this to your child, it is assured that the first question out of their mouth will be, "what's a cockblock?" and your answer would be of course, "why son, it's you." It's inappropriate and extremely hilarious.

Raising a child definitely doesn't come cheap, so when there's free samples to be had, why not take advantage of it? Sam's Club has prepared a box of assorted brand name baby products. The great thing is that you don't need a membership at Sam's Club.

Do you know of expectant parents who clearly aren't prepared to be parents? Perhaps you don't, because that parent is you. This book is the missing manual that you've been looking for. Drawn in the style of a flight safety placard, the book details hilarious Do's and Don't's of taking care of a newborn.

At about week 20 of pregnancy, your baby's hearing has developed to a point where they can recognize sounds and voices. This little device is designed to adhere to your belly and deliver a safe level of sound to your baby's ears. Play a loved one's voice recording, stream Mozart or even some dubstep.

Awesome Gifts - Dads