Awesome Gifts for Clothing

"Oh, you're expecting, how wonderful? Congratulations! Do you know what you're having?" "No, but we're really hoping it's a dinosaur!" If you've ever wanted your t-shirt to answer the most none-of-your-business questions on your behalf, this t-shirt is it.

Baby bump growing faster than your clothing can keep up? Wear this band underneath your top layer to easily cover your belly, no matter what you wear. Now you don't have to buy new clothes every time your waist grows an inch. Comes in multiple colors to match all your outfits.

If you have the adorable baby for it, this wig will turn your baby to a living and breathing version of the hottest toys of the 80's — a Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Relive your childhood as an adult, but just make sure you feed and change this one, k?

Just because you aren't pregnant doesn't mean you can't sympathize. Be by your partner's side and cover your own belly at the same time with this shirt designed to explain why your waistline is bigger than your partner's yet they are the one that's pregnant.

Your baby's a lumberjack and that's okay; he sleeps all night and poops all day. Dress up your little man with this crocheted lumberjack hat and beard set. Guaranteed to keep him warm in the winter months. Also comes in adults sizes.

Your baby's been a locavore before it was cool. Outfit your breastfeeding baby in this pro-boob onesie and proudly announce that this is one kid that subscribes to the idea of food that is produced locally, organically and with no artificial colors and flavors added.

You could swaddle your little one in that hospital-issued blanket you smuggled home, or you could wrap them like a burrito with this realistic tortilla swaddle blanket. Patterned allover, this swaddle will make your little one look like they just came from Chipotle. Don't forget the guac.

With this high tech onesie and attached cute turtle transmitter, you can use your iOS or Android device to monitor your baby's sleep quality, sleeping position, temperature, and awake state. You can set up custom alerts to let you know when things happen.

Mealtime is the best time for your baby to channel their inner Jackson Pollock and create a masterpiece of creativity on this blank canvas. What inspired your baby to splash spaghetti sauce down the middle? Why was saliva dribbled into a wet spot which evaporated over time? We may never know.

Good luck will follow your little one every step of life when they put on this cute little pair of fortune cookie booties. Handmade from fleece in the USA (I hope the irony isn't lost on you), these booties will keep your baby's feet warm all the way up to 12 months. They come packaged in a cute Chinese takeout container box. You can customize the booties with a special fortune slip.

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