Awesome Gifts

You could swaddle your little one in that hospital-issued blanket you smuggled home, or you could wrap them like a burrito with this realistic tortilla swaddle blanket. Patterned allover, this swaddle will make your little one look like they just came from Chipotle. Don't forget the guac.

Raising a child definitely doesn't come cheap, so when there's free samples to be had, why not take advantage of it? Sam's Club has prepared a box of assorted brand name baby products. The great thing is that you don't need a membership at Sam's Club.

Make dinner fun by giving your kids the extra incentive to finish their entire meal with this partitioned dinner plate. Fill each section with food, and watch as they start at the first compartment and continue all the way to finish where their dessert or treat is hidden under a cover. 4 themed plates to choose from: Princess, pirate, space and race.

Hanging by the pool or lakeside is a great way to beat the heat in the summer, but it can be uncomfortable on your tummy. This inflatable floating mattress changes that by providing a hole for your tummy. Your baby can stay cool while you float belly-down in the water. If lounging in the sun isn't your idea of fine, it works great at home for tummy sleeping too.

With this high tech onesie and attached cute turtle transmitter, you can use your iOS or Android device to monitor your baby's sleep quality, sleeping position, temperature, and awake state. You can set up custom alerts to let you know when things happen.

How cool would it be for your child to race their toys cars down the street they live on and "drive" themself to the park? All you have to do is send the company an address, and they'll design a custom vinyl mat based on the neighbourhood. You can get it in different sizes of any location in the world.

Mealtime is the best time for your baby to channel their inner Jackson Pollock and create a masterpiece of creativity on this blank canvas. What inspired your baby to splash spaghetti sauce down the middle? Why was saliva dribbled into a wet spot which evaporated over time? We may never know.

Do you know of expectant parents who clearly aren't prepared to be parents? Perhaps you don't, because that parent is you. This book is the missing manual that you've been looking for. Drawn in the style of a flight safety placard, the book details hilarious Do's and Don't's of taking care of a newborn.

Good luck will follow your little one every step of life when they put on this cute little pair of fortune cookie booties. Handmade from fleece in the USA (I hope the irony isn't lost on you), these booties will keep your baby's feet warm all the way up to 12 months. They come packaged in a cute Chinese takeout container box. You can customize the booties with a special fortune slip.

If minimizing stretch marks is important, then you'll want to keep your skin soft and supple to increase elasticity. Keep the skin on your baby bump soft and moisturized with belly butter. Made with 99% natural cocoa, shea and jojoba butter, this 6.5 oz is specially formulated for mothers-to-be so that it's also safe for the baby too.

Awesome Gifts