Awesome Gifts

Just because you aren't pregnant doesn't mean you can't sympathize. Be by your partner's side and cover your own belly at the same time with this shirt designed to explain why your waistline is bigger than your partner's yet they are the one that's pregnant.

Target is giving away free baby products and coupons to everyone who creates a baby gift registry online. After you create the registry, just visit Guest Services at your local store to pickup $50 worth of free stuff. You also get 15% off anything left on your registry 2 months before your due date.

Is there someone in your life that you really hate or need to get back? Do they have kids? Well do I have the gift for you. Irritate the parents to no end and arm the kids with their very own recorder, complete with sheet music from Disney's Frozen. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.

Your baby's a lumberjack and that's okay; he sleeps all night and poops all day. Dress up your little man with this crocheted lumberjack hat and beard set. Guaranteed to keep him warm in the winter months. Also comes in adults sizes.

Your baby's been a locavore before it was cool. Outfit your breastfeeding baby in this pro-boob onesie and proudly announce that this is one kid that subscribes to the idea of food that is produced locally, organically and with no artificial colors and flavors added.

Have a pint of ice cream that needs to be kept away from significant others, children in the house or co-workers at the office? Protect what's rightfully yours with a lock on the ice cream so that everyone around you stays honest and alive.

Sure your baby may be a little young to be growing facial hair, but that doesn't mean he (or she) can't be sporting a mustache while pacified. Keep them both stylish and quiet all at the same time with a mustache pacifier that will make even dad (or mom) jealous.

Attack each page with a rainbow barrage of color by keeping all your crayons at the ready. This ammo belt holds and includes 24 Crayola crayons (aka the good stuff) to make sure that your little soldier is ready to color at a moments notice.

Let's get one thing straight: this is an a children's book for adults. If you did read this to your child, it is assured that the first question out of their mouth will be, "what's a cockblock?" and your answer would be of course, "why son, it's you." It's inappropriate and extremely hilarious.

No need for your child to be afraid of the dark with one of these superhero lights hanging on their bedroom wall. These AA battery operated lights are easy to mount on the wall and don't require additional wiring. Sure to keep all villains and monsters alike away at night.

Awesome Gifts